Safety in high level in Finnish nuclear power plants

According to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Finland STUK there are no deficiencies in the Finnish nuclear power plants that would require immediate safety improvements. STUK states this in its assessment requested by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Due to the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima, Japan, STUK assessed how the Finnish nuclear power plants are prepared for exceptional nature phenomena. The STUK report is based on evaluation of assessments of Finnish nuclear power companies Fennovoima, Fortum and TVO. External experts have contributed to the assessment as well.

Although there is no need for immediate improvements, STUK wants that assessments regarding some exceptional nature conditions are continued. According to STUK, this can be done in connection with the stress tests requested by EU and in accordance with their schedule during this year.

In their assessments the Finnish nuclear power companies have assessed for example how the power plants are prepared for possible impacts of floods, very cold weather and heat, exceptionally strong earthquakes for Finnish conditions and how the electricity feed safety systems work if an incident occurs.

The experiences from Fukushima and results of assessments are taken into account when STUK develops its nuclear power regulations and in the prioritizations of the national nuclear safety program.

The safety of Finnish nuclear power plants is continuously being assessed and STUK states in its report that the improvements during operating the plants have been effective. According to the STUK report, the nuclear power companies have long-term programs for managing the ageing of the plants, ensuring the planned lifetime of the plants, modernizing the plants and improving safety.

STUK press release in English is available on STUK's homepage.