Six utilities and Talvivaara Mining Company are Fennovoima's new shareholders

Fennovoima, a company that was granted a Decision-in-Principle for constructing a new nuclear power plant by the Finnish Parliament last summer, has new Finnish shareholders. The new sha-reholders are Haukiputaan Sähköosuuskunta, Keminmaan Energia, Lammaisten Energia, Naantalin Energia, Raahen Energia, Tornion Energia and Talvivaara Mining Company.

Haukiputaan Sähköosuuskunta, Keminmaan Energia, Raahen Energia and Tornion Energia are local utilities that operate in Northern Finland. Their participation in Fennovoima increases the importance of the Fennovoima project in the future location of the new nuclear power plant. Like most of the utilities that already have a share in Fennovoima, these utilities are owned by muni-cipalities or their operation is based on a cooperative model. Talvivaara Mining Company operates in Kainuu and it is a considerable electricity consumer in this region.

All shareholders of Fennovoima will get the electricity generated by the future nuclear power plant at cost price in proportion to their ownership. The new shareholders own Fennovoima through the Finnish holding company Voimaosakeyhtiö SF which owns 66 per cent of Fennovoima. The rest, 34 per cent, is owned by E.ON Kärnkraft Finland. Voimaosakeyhtiö SF has now 69 shareholders.

Fennovoima will choose the location for its nuclear power plant in 2011. The alternatives are Simo in Lapland and Pyhäjoki in North Ostrobothnia.

> > See a list of Fennovoima's shareholders here.