Studies continue on the Pyhäjoki site

Several studies will be conducted in the Pyhäjoki site of Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant this spring and summer.

The studies will give needed data for applying permits as well as for construction and structure design.

Baseline study for environmental radiation monitoring will begin this May. For that samples will be taken at sea and later on at land. From now on this study will be conducted yearly and it is done by The Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK.

Likewise in May mapping of bird fauna will begin. It will continue until July. During July samples of sea bottom fauna will be taken on the west side of Hanhikivenniemi site. Also, during the summer echo-sounding will be conducted at sea and samples will be taken at sea in order to get ground information of the qualities and changes of the sea water.

Monitoring the quality of sea water started last year, and this is on-going as is weather monitoring.

Seismic monitoring that was started in 2011 continues now and throughout the whole lifecycle of the nuclear power plant. Four new monitoring stations were taken into use this summer. The number will rise to around ten during the next years. This monitoring is a part of a national monitoring net maintained by the department of seismology.

In addition, the pre-plan for the new road leading from highway 8 to the plant area is ready. See the general map here.