Titan-2 and Wasa Dredging signed a dredging contract

The main building contractor of Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant project Titan-2 has signed a contract concerning the dredging of the harbor basin at Hanhikivi headland. The subcontractor is Wasa Dredging Oy Ltd. 

The contract covers removal of soil and transportation of the dredging masses to the marine spoil area. This will be done in accordance with the water permits granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Northern Finland. The contract does not include any excavation works.

The work will begin in October and last approximately 4-6 weeks. The dredging work will be carried out around the clock. Wasa Dredging will extract 200 000 cubic meters of soil from the harbor basin area. Titan-2 and Wasa Dredging have agreed to keep the value of the contract undisclosed.

The contractor for the other hydraulic construction work included in the water permits, such as the dredging of the 1,8 kilometer long navigation channel and construction of the harbor area and cooling water intake structures of the nuclear power plant, will be chosen next spring.

Wasa Dredging is a hydraulic construction company from Vaasa, Finland. The company specializes in underwater drilling and blasting, backhoe dredging and dredging of hard and soft soils. They have numerous references of big dredging projects, from countries such as Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Dredging will cause temporary water turbidity and noise in the near surroundings. The turbidity caused by the construction work in the Hanhikivi headland sea area will be monitored with a continuous monitoring system, as stipulated in the water permit. A monitoring program is in place for the hydraulic construction work. It includes e.g. a yearly fishery survey and investigations on fry production and benthic fauna. Agreements have been made with the professional fishermen fishing in the vicinity of Hanhikivi headland concerning the compensations for the disadvantages caused by the hydraulic construction work. The fishermen will receive a yearly compensation for the duration of the hydraulic construction work.

For more information: 

Fennovoima’s Construction Director Jouni Sipiläinen, tel. +358 20 757 8449
Fennovoima’s Communications Officer Anna Tainio, tel. +358 20 757 8416
Titan-2’s Site Manager Veikko Huotari, tel. +358 50 462 1485