Water construction work continues on the coast of Hanhikivi headland

Dredging and water construction work on the coast of Hanhikivi headland continues after the winter break. The work, contracted by Titan-2, which is the main contractor of the plant supplier RAOS Project, is being carried out by Terramare Oy.

Terramare continues the dredging and water construction work of the harbor, cooling water intake channel and the standby cooling water intake channel. Terramare will remove approximately 690.000 m3 of dredging masses from the seabed and do underwater blasting of approximately 200.000 m3. Dredging masses will be transported to the marine spoil area about 10 kilometers west of the Hanhikivi headland.

Dredging work will be done 24/7 during the open water period. Giving consideration to the fish spawning season, blasting work can be conducted during the period from May 20th to October 10th.

The water construction work is performed in accordance with the two water permits issued by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Northern Finland. The water permits include provisions e.g. for performing the water construction work, fishery subsidies, compensations to professional fishermen and for monitoring during the water construction work.

The dredging and hydraulic engineering will cause water turbidity and noise in its immediate vicinity, which will be continuously measured. The noise caused by the water construction works will drive away fish, and fishing in the immediate vicinity of the areas under construction isn’t possible. The construction activities in the sea area, especially the noise caused by explosions, may also drive away fish from a larger area.

The construction of the infrastructure and auxiliary buildings continues at the Hanhikivi 1 plant site. Currently, e.g. the main gate building is under construction, reserve water tanks are being installed, and the construction of the road around the plant site continues. First buildings of the accommodation village are being constructed. Destia Oy has begun the injections of the bedrock of the plant site pit and the excavation work will continue during summer.


For more information:
Fennovoima’s Construction Director Jouni Sipiläinen, [email protected], tel. +358 20 757 8449
Titan-2’s Head of Design Department Timo Kallio, [email protected], tel. +358 500 723 650