The weather mast rises to 120 metres

A weather mast was set up at the Hanhikivi 1 site today.

The mast has been purpose-built for the Hanhikivi peninsula, taking into account local environmental conditions in its design. In addition, the 120-metre mast is designed to withstand earthquakes. 

A weather observation system consisting of wind and temperature sensors installed on three levels will be installed on the mast. Moreover, air pressure and humidity as well as temperature will be measured on the ground level. 

In the construction phase of the nuclear power plant, the measurement instruments will collect data of the weather conditions in the Hanhikivi peninsula. Local weather observations are a part of Fennovoima’s safety analysis report, which is delivered to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority when applying for the operating license for the nuclear power plant.

The weather mast has been designed and manufactured by Aerial Oy. Vaisala Oyj will supply the weather observing system.

The weather mast, which reaches 120 metres, is the highest point of the plant site.

Additional information:
Jouni Sipiläinen, Construction Director at Fennovoima, [email protected], tel. 020 757 8449
Heidi Laikari, Regional Communications Officer at Fennovoima, [email protected], tel. 020 757 8546