The safest and most reliable option

Nuclear plants in Finland have operated safely throughout their thirty-year-old history. The production of nuclear energy doesn't produce carbon dioxide emissions. Thanks to nuclear energy and the use of renewable energy sources almost two thirds of Finnish electricity production is carbon dioxide emission free.

Nuclear fuel

Fennovoima has signed an agreement with the Rosatom subsidiary TVEL on the delivery of fuel to Hanhikivi 1 for the first ten years of operation.

Spent nuclear fuel

What happens to the fuel used in nuclear energy production? The placement is carefully considered and scheduled to begin at the earliest in 2090.

Sähkö ja taivas -brändikuva

Climate Change

Read about nuclear power and climate change in our digital newsletter Fennonen.

Reasons to like nuclear power

Here we are introducing you seven different reasons to like nuclear power. 

Questions and answers

Is nuclear power outdated technology?

Nuclear is the most recent form of power invented by man. Fennovoima’s nuclear plant will be one of the safest and most modern nuclear stations in the world.

In Finland, does renewable energy mean solar and wind power?

By far the largest portion of renewable energy in Finland comes from hydropower and biomass (i.e., burning wood, logging waste and other organic waste).

Can we stop using fossil fuels by replacing them with renewable energy?

Forms of electricity generation where the output varies have to be supplemented with another energy form, for instance, hydropower or natural gas (a fossil fuel). There is not much room for increasing the capacity for reliable, renewable energy generation, such as hydropower. All countries that have succeeded in significantly reducing their greenhouse gas emissions have done it with the help of nuclear power.

Does nuclear power put a stop to investments in renewable energy?

Nuclear power and renewable energy are not mutually exclusive. They are both needed for us to accomplish the massive task of replacing fossil fuels.

Is nuclear power expensive?

Building a nuclear power plant takes a lot of capital, but its operating costs are low. The plants have a long service life and hardly ever need to be replaced. During its 60-year service life, Hanhikivi 1 will produce enormous amounts of emission-free electricity.

Is nuclear waste a problem?

Only a small amount of spent nuclear fuel is produced, and it is treated so that it does not present a threat to the environment. Finland is a global pioneer with regard to the final disposal of nuclear waste. The funding for the final disposal of the nuclear waste will be collected in the price of electricity during the service life of the plant and deposited in a fund.