Final Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel

On 22 June 2016, Fennovoima submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) program regarding a final disposal facility of its spent nuclear fuel to the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Employment (MEAE). By submitting the EIA program, Fennovoima fulfils the requirement set in the 2010 Decision-in-Principle.

At the same time Fennovoima began collaboration with Posiva Solutions Ltd, a Finnish expert organisation in nuclear waste management, by entering into a 10-year service agreement. The agreement will enable Posiva's extensive expertise to be utilized in Fennovoima’s final disposal of spent nuclear fuel.

Fennovoima's goal is to achieve long term cooperation with Posiva and the parties liable for nuclear waste management (TVO and Fortum).

Preliminary studies will be launched in two alternative locations, Eurajoki and Pyhäjoki. During the study period, the environmental impacts, geological characteristics of the areas and the feasibility of the areas for final disposal purposes will be studied in detail.

Fennovoima’s final disposal project will span over decades: the location will be selected in the 2040’s. A Decision-in-Principle must be applied for from the Government, and the municipality has the right to veto.

Following the selection, studies into the characteristics of the bedrock will continue in the selected location of the final disposal facility. Research, design and development work for the final disposal facility will continue throughout its entire life cycle.

The estimated duration of the final disposal project is more than 100 years. The final disposal of Fennovoima’s spent fuel will begin in the 2090's at the earliest.

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