Participation and Interaction

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment MEAE arranged public events to local people in the program and report phase of the assessment procedure. Other opportunities for interaction in this project include resident surveys, small group interviews as well as meetings of the monitoring groups, which will be set up separately. In addition, Fennovoima will arrange information and discussion sessions for local residents and other interest groups.

MEAE arranged public events in Pyhäjoki and Eurajoki in September 2016. In these events, the public had the opportunity to express their views regarding the assessment of environmental impacts, get information and discuss the EIA procedure with Fennovoima, the Ministry and the experts who have been involved in the drafting of the EIA program.

Monitoring Groups

Monitoring groups consisting of key stakeholders will be set up to monitor the EIA procedure, one for each alternative location, with the objective to further communications between Fennovoima, the authorities and other interest groups. The monitoring groups will be set up in a manner ensuring that their members represent the citizens and groups whose living conditions or interests the project may impact.

Resident Surveys

Resident surveys will be conducted in the alternative locations during the EIA procedure, with the objective to increase interaction by providing Fennovoima with information on the attitudes of residents towards the project and, on the other hand, by providing residents with information on the project and its impacts on their environment.

Small Group Interviews

During the EIA procedure, local residents can be invited to participate in small group interviews with the objective of collecting further information on the results of the resident survey, and to deepen the understanding of residents’ attitudes in the alternative locations on the project and its impacts on their environment. The objective of these interviews is to ensure that all issues relevant to project’s impacts will be considered in the EIA process and the follow-up plan of the project.