Final disposal of spent fuel from Fennovoima’s power plant

In June 2016, Fennovoima submitted to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment the environmental impact assessment program for its own final disposal facility.

During the same summer Fennovoima also launched cooperation with Posiva Solutions Oy, a subsidiary of the Finnish nuclear waste management company Posiva, by signing a ten-year service agreement. With this agreement, Posiva’s expertise will be available to Fennovoima in its final disposal operations.

Fennovoima aims to engage in long-term final disposal cooperation with Posiva and the other Finnish companies operating under the nuclear waste management obligation (TVO and Fortum).

The site for final disposal operations will be selected in the 2040s. Prerequisites for establishing a final disposal site include a positive decision-in-principle from the Finnish Parliament and a statement of recommendation from the municipality where the site is located.

After the selection, research into the characteristics of the bedrock will continue at the selected site. Research, design and development of the final disposal facility will continue for the entire duration of the nuclear power plant lifetime.

The estimated total final disposal project period is more than 100 years. Final disposal of spent fuel from Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant will begin in the 2090s at the earliest.


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