Alstom Power Systems Will Deliver Hanhikivi 1 Unit’s Turbine Generator Set

Hanhikivi 1 unit’s plant supplier RAOS Project Ltd and French Alstom Power Systems, a part of GE Steam Power Systems, have signed a contract for the delivery of a turbine generator set.

The contract covers the design and supply of turbine generator equipment package as well as advisory services for installation and commissioning works.

The set will be based on Alstom Arabelle technology and the design work will start immediately. The delivery and installation schedule will allow the commissioning of the power plant to begin in 2023 and commercial operation in 2024.

The turbine generator contract is one of the biggest equipment supply contracts for the Hanhikivi 1 unit, and the contract is a significant milestone for the project.


Technical background information

The turbine generator can be said to be a conventional part of a power plant – it is used to convert the steam generated in the reactor island into electricity to be distributed to the national grid.

In practice, almost dry steam from the reactor unit is piped to the turbines. This heat energy makes the turbines rotate and the generator – which is on the same shaft as the turbines – converts the kinetic energy of the turbines into electricity.

Similar type of turbine generators can be found in any other condensing power plants, even if the steam is generated differently, for example, by burning coal.

The press release of RAOS Project Ltd can be found here.


Further information:

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