Fennovoima to evaluate nuclear power plant suitability in Ruotsinpyhtää

Fennovoima and the municipality of Ruotsinpyhtää will organize a public meeting on Friday, September 28th, where Fennovoima will present its plans regarding the new power plant.

The event provides local residents an opportunity to discuss issues concerning their town as a possible site for Fennovoima’s new nuclear power plant.

Fennovoima is currently in the process of evaluating other power plant site alternatives around Finland. The company has previously named five municipalities where evaluative site studies are already being conducted. Fennovoima has previously stated that the current studies may result in cooperation with also other municipalities. Now, these same studies will also begin with the municipality of Ruotsinpyhtää.

This fall, Fennovoima aims to select two to four site alternatives in order to commence Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). When completed, Fennovoima will file an application to the Council of State for the Decision-in-Principle for constructing a new nuclear power plant.

“We will proceed according to the plans that have been publicized this summer and with close and explicit cooperation with the residents of these municipalities,” Fennovoima’s CEO Tapio Saarenpää says.


For more information, contact:

Pasi Natri, Executive Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, Fennovoima, tel.
+358 (0)40 511 7796