Fennovoima received bids for nuclear power plant

Fennovoima has today received the commercial bids for its nuclear power plant unit Hanhikivi 1 (HA1) which is planned for construction in the Pyhäjoki municipality in Northern Finland.

Technical bids arrived already earlier in January and their evaluation is underway. The scope of the bids covers the engineering, supply and construction of the nuclear and turbine islands.

Fennovoima’s alternative suppliers are the French company Areva with the EPR reactor and Japanese company Toshiba with the ABWR reactor. Fennovoima selected Areva and Toshiba as its reactor supplier candidates back in 2008. Since then, technical development work has been carried out with both suppliers.

In Areva’s bid, the turbine island will be supplied by either Alstom or Siemens. Technical development work has been carried out with them as well. Toshiba proposes to deliver both the reactor and the turbine through its own company.

The plant supplier will be selected in 2012 or 2013. At the same time, a decision on the exact scope of the supply covered by the supplier will also be made. The schedule for the project as a whole will be defined during the negotiations and in the plant contract.

The scope of the bids received today does not include preparatory infrastructure works like earthworks, excavation and off-shore construction that are carried out before the HA1 construction begins. Also excluded from the bids is for example the construction of office building and visitor centre as well as the construction of a residential area for some 1000 workers. Fennovoima will be responsible for the works not included in the scope of the bids.

Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant will be constructed to a greenfield site which means that the first works consist of making a road leading to the site and constructing municipal infrastructure. At the moment, there are various environmental studies being carried out in the Hanhikivi site.

Especially in Pyhäjoki municipality, location of the Hanhikivi site, as well as in other parts of North Ostrobothnia there are several projects going on with the aim to support companies and the public administration to prepare for the construction of the nuclear power plant.

The electricity produced by HA1 will all be delivered at cost price for the 70 shareholders of Fennovoima.

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