Fennovoima to recruit dozens of new talents by the end of 2015

Fennovoima starts its autumn recruitment campaign today

In the first wave of this autumn, the company is looking for 20 new talents, mainly technical professionals.By the end of the year, there will be another 50–60 vacancies at Fennovoima. Recruitment will be done in phases; three new recruitment campaigns will take place after September.

“At this stage, we are strengthening our organization by recruiting a wide range of technical experts. We are particularly looking for power plant and turbine knowhow, electricity and automation experts as well as nuclear, structural and mechanical engineering professionals. In addition, we also need professionals for administration, communication and security,” says Eija Salo, Human Resource Director at Fennovoima.

Over a hundred new talents have begun their work at Fennovoima in 2015. Currently, Fennovoima has about 250 employees. 

Recruiting continues strong in 2016

Fennovoima is also looking for new employees in 2016. New jobs will be available during further recruitment campaigns, just like this year.

“Our organization will grow for many years. Fennovoima’s work force will be at its largest — around 400–500 employees — during the operational phase of the nuclear power plant,” Eija Salo continues.

New Fennovoima employees, recruited in 2015 and 2016, will mostly be located in the Helsinki region. Gradually, more employees will move to Pyhäjoki, as the construction of the nuclear power plant draws nearer.

“At the moment, over 10 employees work in Pyhäjoki, in communications and preparing and supervising the construction site. As the project progresses, more Fennovoima employees will move to Pyhäjoki.”

Presently, large-scale infrastructure and preparatory work is being conducted at the site and the construction of auxiliary buildings and training center is being started. The construction of the actual nuclear power plant will begin in 2018. The construction workforce will peak at 4 000 people.

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Additional information: 

Eija Salo, HR Director, Fennovoima, tel. +358 20 757 8455
Heli Nikula, Communications Manager, Fennovoima, tel. +358 20 757 8429