Fennovoima submitted planning materials to STUK

Yesterday Fennovoima submitted design documentation related to its Construction License Application to the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).

The material describes the nuclear power plant’s safety design principles and procedures used in the development work. Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant will be built according to STUK’s new requirements, and the submitted material describes how these new requirements will be applied in the design and construction of the plant. In addition, the submitted material includes a description of a single power plant system that will be used as a model for the system documentation for the entire power plant in the following batches to be sent to STUK.

Fennovoima delivers the design material for Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant in separate and complete batches. During the Construction License Application phase, STUK will assesses the safety and technology of the nuclear power plant, the competence of both Fennovoima’s and the plant supplier’s organization and the suitability of the selected power plant site.      

According to the current estimated schedule, Fennovoima delivers materials to STUK until the end of 2017. Several inspections will also be conducted by STUK during the Construction License Application phase. The purpose of the inspections is to ensure that Fennovoima and the plant supplier have the competence to start the construction of the plant in 2018.

Receiving a positive safety assessment from STUK is a precondition to the Construction License being granted. The Construction License will be granted by the Finnish Government.

For more information:

Fennovoima’s Licensing Manager Janne Liuko, tel. +358 20 757 9254
Fennovoima’s Communications Officer Anna Tainio, tel. +358 20 757 8416