Fennovoima’s Board of the Director’s Report and Responsibility Report published

Fennovoima’s Responsibility Report 2018 published today shows progress in several areas.

The Board of Director’s Report and Responsibility Report can be found on Fennovoima’s web pages. The report highlights, among other things, the following success and development areas.

Environment: We succeeded well in the management of environmental matters at the plant site. The operations have been implemented in compliance with the permit conditions and no significant human induced changes have been observed in protected areas, valuable nature environments or protected species.

Nuclear safety: During the spring, our goal is to address the final technical design issues that are central for plant safety and the design documentation required for the safety assessment will be completed by the end of 2019. The progress made in the key development areas identified in STUK’s preliminary safety assessment are described in more detail in the Responsibility Report.

Occupational health and safety: Early in the year, two lost time accidents occurred at the site. We continuously develop the working practices and address the observed deficiencies at an early stage in order to ensure that no one’s safety is compromised in the Hanhikivi 1 project. No deviations were discovered in the audits of Fennovoima’s occupational health and safety management system.

Supply chain management: In 2018, we strengthened our efforts to manage ethical issues within the supply chain. Fennovoima’s Code of Conduct was included in all new supply contracts that are related to Fennovoima’s direct supply chain, a method for pre-evaluation for ethical conduct was adopted and ethical assessments were included as part of Fennovoima’s audit program.

Organizational development: We did not achieve our target for voluntary employee turnover. We aim to increase the commitment of our employees by clarifying our ways of working and the internal division of responsibilities, and with long-term measures that support well-being. The measures are part of the two-year development program concerning Fennovoima's organization and the Hanhikivi 1 project launched in early 2019.

Fennovoima Reprogrammed

The target of Fennovoima’s development program is to improve the progress of the FH1 project by leading our own work more proactively and by cooperating more efficiently with our plant supplier. The four main targets of the program are:

  1. Plant safety by safety engineering
  2. Construction readiness by design integrity
  3. Implementation quality by supply chain performance
  4. Operational readiness with strong safety culture

In addition to the above mentioned targets, we have identified four key enabling factors: plant vendor and suppliers, people and leadership, processes and tools, and organization and management.

KPMG Oy Ab has provided limited external assurance for the key aspects of Fennovoima's Responsibility Report.

The Board of Director’s Report and Responsibility Report can be found on Fennovoima’s web pages:

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