A new construction contract signed

Fennovoima has signed a Design and Build contract with Graniittirakennus Kallio Ltd. today.

In addition to the earth works and road construction works, the agreement includes the construction of the water and sewage networks and channel structures for electrical cabling for the project site area, residential area and supporting and contractor area. The contract also includes for example the construction of parking areas.

The value of the contract is approximately EUR 8 million. Design work begins already in June and construction work in July. The construction work will be fully completed by September 2016.

The Hanhikivi access road from highway 8 to the border of the plant site has been paved and will be ready for construction transport use by July. Also the construction of the plant site fence proceeds. A total of 8 kilometers of permanent and temporary fence will be built.

The current construction works are carried out in order to prepare the plant site for the phase when the construction of the nuclear power plant begins. Fennovoima can start the construction of the power plant after the Government has granted the Construction License pursuant to the Nuclear Energy Act. A maximum of 4,000 people will be working at the construction site.

For more information:
Fennovoima’s Development Manager Karri Huusko, tel. +358 20 757 9216
Fennovoima’s Communications Officer Anna Tainio, tel. +358 20 757 8416