Fennovoima Year 2019

A successful year for Hanhikivi 1 - Fennovoima's new report describes the project progress in 2019

During 2019, Fennovoima has reprogrammed the operations both within the company and throughout the Hanhikivi 1 project. The changes have brought significant progress in different areas of the power plant design and preparatory work. In our newly published report ‘Fennovoima’s year 2019’ we describe the project progress and the sustainability work we have carried out last year.

As part of the development efforts, Fennovoima's organization has been restructured and responsibilities have been clarified, particularly between technical and project operations. What is also new is the approach, in which the design solutions as well as the entire project is examined in stages taking into consideration the entire plant lifecycle.

Fennovoima’s COO & Interim CEO Timo Okkonen describes 2019 as a successful year. “During the year, we resolved key plant-level safety issues together with the plant supplier. Based on this work, we could state that our Hanhikivi 1 plant design will support a very high level of nuclear safety and security. At the end of 2019 we also submitted the first batch of the preliminary safety analysis report (PSAR) to the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK). This marked the start of the technical construction license activities”, Okkonen recounts.

By year end, Fennovoima had reviewed most of the systems design and started to review building layouts. In addition, preparation for the future construction and operation phases of the plant lifecycle was started.

“We have now achieved a more proactive mode of leading the project and our operations. In practice, this means that we do not only react to problems, but we can see the big picture and prepare ourselves for the next stages.”

Fennovoima's strategy and the progress of the Hanhikivi 1 project are presented in the newly published report Fennovoima’s year 2019. The report provides a snapshot of both the plant design and safety assessment as well as our responsibility work. In addition, several Fennovoima experts describe their views on the results of the development measures, the next steps in their area of responsibility and the future of the project.

The report is available on our website www.fennovoima.fi/en and you can download the pdf report here.

Thank you for being interested in our journey. We hope you enjoy reading our report!


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