Two water permits granted to Fennovoima

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Northern Finland has granted Fennovoima two permits pursuant to the Water Act. The first permit concerns the construction of the harbor area and cooling water intake structures of the nuclear power plant and dredging of the navigation channel. The second permit concerns the marine spoil area for dredging masses. The permit decisions include commencement permits to execute specific construction works.

The Regional State Administrative Agency issued a decision also on the water permit application concerning the construction of the nuclear power plant's cooling water outlet structures and the associated protective embankments. In the decision the Agency states that the cooling water outlet structures will not be handled as a separate water permit issue but as part of the environmental permit procedure of the nuclear power plant.

Fennovoima will submit a supplement to the pending environmental permit application of the nuclear power plant with regard to the cooling water outlet structures.  

The navigation channel and the harbor will be utilized for transporting machinery and equipment during the construction of the power plant and annual maintenance outages. The cooling water will be taken from the sea through the harbor basin where the on-shore cooling water intake structures are located.

Excavation and dredging masses from hydraulic construction work will be utilized at the power plant site as much as possible. Rock masses will be used when building breakwatersand protective embankments and in the various filling and leveling operations performed in the plant area. The rest of the dredging masses will be placed to the marine spoil area.

The permit decisions contain obligations e.g. about carrying out hydraulic construction works, fishery subsidies, compensations to fishermen and the owners of the sea areas as well as monitoring during hydraulic construction works. During the hydraulic construction works the water flow and turbidity will be monitored with a continuous monitoring system.

The permits granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency allow for the start of the hydraulic construction works as planned with the commencement permits.

The water permit decisions are available in Finnish at the Pyhäjoki municipal office and at the Technical Center of the town of Raahe as well as at the Northern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency’s web page.

For more information:
Fennovoima’s Construction Director Jouni Sipiläinen, tel. +358 20 757 8449