Jesse Santtila Develops Innovative IT Solutions for Fennovoima

When Jesse Santtila applied for an IT job at Fennovoima in 2012, there were only about 50 people on the company’s payroll. At the time, Jesse was doing a BBA in IT, so Fennovoima’s small size and getting to do a variety of new things suited him perfectly.

At Fennovoima, Jesse has seen a cross-section of the whole IT sector: he began working in the helpdesk, moved on to become an IT Specialist and a systems administrator and finally reached his current position as an IT development manager. He's concentrating on FH1 site's ICT architecture and systems. Jesse’s job includes e.g. project management, partner management, IT resourcing and IT security development.

To balance his work life, Jesse goes hiking and is an active military reservist. He also attends start-up events, which provides a different perspective to his IT work.

Jesse says that IT is usually a function independent of other activities within a company, but at Fennovoima, IT is close to the organisation and the internal stakeholders. It’s important to look at things from the point of view of many different customer groups. The company has grown quickly in the past couple of years, so Fennovoima has had to build many new solutions to meet the increased demand in an agile way.

According to Jesse, Fennovoima is like a small start-up of its own: building of the company has started from scratch and there have been many uncertainties on the way. Jesse points out that from the beginning Fennovoima has managed to attract real professionals who have a firm belief in the company.

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