Opportunities for Students

Summer trainees 2018

We are now looking for trainees to join our team for the summer. Send your application by the end of February by filling in the open application for summer trainees on our website. Summer trainees will be selected during March.


We offer trainee and thesis work for university and college students interested in the field of nuclear technology. Our previous trainees and thesis workers have come from mainly technical fields, but we also recruit employees from a variety of other fields, such as psychology, economics, and social sciences. We offer summer trainee positions to students in different parts of the organization, usually case-by-case, both in Pyhäjoki and in Helsinki. Our summer trainees work in departments, such as project management, automation, security, authority correspondence and communications. 

A summer trainee position at Fennovoima will allow you to learn a variety of skills related to your studies, but also an insight to the Finnish energy business and the nuclear technology field. Every employee at Fennovoima receives an introduction training ensuring a smooth start to their work. Through the training, one also familiarizes themselves with the organization. The tasks assigned to our summer employees are tailored to challenge them and can vary greatly depending on their educational backgrounds and their interests. You can apply to the summer trainee positions in early spring from this page.

Thesis workers from different fields have done their thesis related to e.g. nuclear engineering, energy economy, and communications. Our top experts guide and mentor the theses works and workers. Successful thesis workers can be offered good career possibilities in the future. Until now, a few of our thesis workers have become permanent members of our staff.

For further inquiries about trainee and thesis positions, please send an email to recruitment@fennovoima.fi.

Cooperation with Universities

We also work closely with several schools, especially in the Northern Finland where we plan and support nuclear education programs. We also gladly visit schools around Finland to tell about our project. More information about this possibility you will get by emailing Heidi Kauppila.