Summer Trainees Tell About Their Experinces

Fennovoima offers some trainee positions depending on the company's needs. Througout the years, we have had summer trainees from various backgrounds and disciplines. Read below what Petteri, Sini, and Ida thought about their summers at Fennovoima.

The summer trainees visited the construction site in Pyhäjoki in July 2016.

Petteri, Summer Trainee, Environment, Health and Safety

“I am a geology student in Oulu University, currently completing my Master’s degree in environmental engineering. 

In June, I moved to Pyhäjoki to start the traineeship. My work tasks mainly consisted of environmental documentation, supervising activities at site, environmental inspections and monitoring conservation areas. Probably one of the most unforgettable tasks was to inspect a planned drilling hole at Porraus conservation area. It had been raining (not forgetting the strong wind) quite a bit and we sloshed around in our rainwear back and forth the shoreline trying to imitate the possible route of the massive drill. I felt like a child in a puddle of mud.

I may say that I am truly astonished of the versatility and the scope of environmental issues that are taken into account during the project. I think that my education helped me to fully comprehend the environmental issues, aspects and values that supported my job tasks.

The staff at the project site was really kind, energetic and welcoming. It was fascinating to see everybody working so well together, despite the different fields of expertise. All in all, I had a great experience at Fennovoima and I am truly grateful for the opportunity.”

Sini, Summer Trainee, Information Management

"I worked as a document coordinator for the summer and it was the third time working for a nuclear power company. I wanted to work in Fennovoima because I wanted to see how a massive project proceeds and is managed.

During the summer, I have checked and managed thousands of documents cooperating with both the experts in Fennovoima as well as the supplier. This has been a great position to observe how the project progresses and what is required in order to build a nuclear power plant.

I'm finishing my industrial engineering and management studies in Lappeenranta University of Technology. My studies helped me to grasp the bigger picture of the project. I've especially enjoyed discussing different technical matters with the engineering experts and understanding the vast processes behind the project management. Throughout the summer I've had plenty of tasks and my responsibilities have been increased. 

The best experience from this summer was definitely the visit to Pyhäjoki and the construction site. The visit made whole project more tangible as well."

Ida, Summer Trainee, Project Planning

"I am a Master’s student in Energy Engineering at Aalto University and just finalizing my studies there. I've always been interested in project management, so I was thrilled when I was selected to join the Project Planning team.

My studies in power plant technology and project management basics have helped me to understand how the project organization functions, what is required from a nuclear power plant construction and what are its most important components. Due to my earlier experience in project scheduling, I quickly got responsibilities in updating the monthly schedules. I obtained a thorough overview of the project when discussing the monthly updates with the various units. Additionally, our team was responsible for many reports and plans, for which I provided comments and input.

Challenging tasks and an energetic working environment made my summer intriguing and I'd love to come back as well!"