Responsibility report 2017

Stakeholder engagement

Fennovoima’s project has a significant social dimension, both domestically and internationally.

Our practices

Fennovoima wants to be a good corporate citizen and cooperates with a large variety of stakeholders at local, national and international levels. In our company strategy, stakeholders are understood as those organizations or entities that influence the project or are influenced by the project. 

The most important stakeholders (not in order of importance) include our employees and owners, the Pyhäjoki region, the plant supplier and all our contractors, related authorities and decision-makers, Finnish labor market organizations, educational institutions in the technical field, educational institutions in the technical field, our peer companies and organizations within the industry, the media, the public sphere, and NGOs in the field.

Fennovoima has set the following goals and targets related to stakeholder engagement: transparency and proactive communication, continuous collaboration with the key stakeholders, and strong reputation within the organization and among stakeholders.

Transparency and proactive communication

Trust and transparency are the basis of all stakeholder cooperation and our communication is respectful, honest and proactive towards the stakeholders.

Fennovoima’s management is committed to ensuring that the communication and information needs and expectations of our key stakeholder groups are always considered. This includes continual dialogue with the key stakeholders, proactive communications on a daily basis and responding promptly and accurately in all situations.

Fennovoima published four press release and 25 news items in 2017.

Also media follows the Hanhikivi 1 project closely. During 2017, the media covered a variety of topics concerning Fennovoima and the Hanhikivi 1 project. The main topics were the schedule of the project and progress in the Construction License procedure and construction work at the plant site, the economic and employment effects of the Hanhikivi 1 project and the participation of Finnish shareholders in the project.

Climate action

We are concerned about climate change and its effects on our planet.

To take action and support our mission of building a carbon-free future for Finland, Fennovoima launched a campaign to raise awareness of climate change and low-emission electricity production in November 2016. Sustainability and climate awareness are also promoted in Fennovoima’s communication channels such as the stakeholder magazine Fennonen.

Upholding continuous cooperation with the key stakeholders

Fennovoima cooperates with a large variety of stakeholders at local, national and international levels. The engagement and communication activities are designed taking into account the needs of each stakeholder group.

In addition to official reports, working groups, meetings and daily communication, Fennovoima provides information on the project via the company website and social media channels, organizes events for different stakeholders, publishes a stakeholder magazine and is available for inquiries and questions both in Pyhäjoki and Helsinki.

In 2017, we gave over one hundred project presentations and organized more than 70 site visits for different stakeholders.

PARTNERS AND MEMBERSHIPS: Association for Finnish Work, European Nuclear Society (ENS), Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Northern Ostrobothnia, FIBS Corporate Responsibility Network, Finnish Energy, FinNuclear, Foratom, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Lawyers Association, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Oulu Chamber of Commerce , Project Management Association Finland, PSK Standardisation Association, Taxpayers Association of Finland, World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), World Energy Council (WEC), World Nuclear Association (WNA)

Local engagement

Fennovoima places a strong emphasis on personal communication and face-to-face interaction with the inhabitants of Pyhäjoki and the surrounding areas. Our Pyhäjoki office serves the local stakeholders, responding to their inquiries and providing information regarding the current work phases at the construction site.

We produce a regular newsletter about the topical issues at Pyhäjoki and publish the stakeholder magazine Fennonen, which is distributed to 130,000 households in the area twice a year and is openly available in digital format.

Public events

In addition, we arrange public events for local residents. For instance, we organized energy evenings where matters such as combatting climate change, the future prospects of electricity production in Finland and the current and future role nuclear power in the energy mix were discussed. Furthermore, our open doors day at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site in September attracted 2500 visitors. We also organized a public concert in Pyhäjoki for Fennovoima’s tenth anniversary in June.


As part of our social agenda, we support local projects and activities in Pyhäjoki and the surrounding areas. Our focus is on supporting the recreational opportunities and leisure activities of children and young people as well as supporting projects of public interest. In 2017, the largest financial donations were granted to the Pyhäjoki ice hall for the renovation of the lighting, and for the dredging of the fishing port in Parhalahti.

In total, Fennovoima’s contribution to local activities and events was EUR 146,000 (2016: EUR 168,000). The supported projects and organizations are selected annually through an open call.

Strong reputation within the organization and its stakeholders

Studies and surveys

To ensure that the opinions of the stakeholders are heard, Fennovoima promotes open dialogue and conducts surveys to ascertain the views of key stakeholders regarding Fennovoima. The surveys are conducted for one selected stakeholder group at a time.

In 2017, Fennovoima commissioned a survey of the general public’s view on Fennovoima. According to the survey, the general public emphasizes the importance of responsible business practices, transparency and openness, and proactive communication in Fennovoima’s operations.

In addition, the general public expects Fennovoima to deliver on the promise to produce low-emission electricity at a stable price in the future, increase domestic energy production and energy self-sufficiency, and safeguard the competitiveness of Finnish industry and the economy.

Local support

The local support for Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant project increased significantly compared to the previous year. Maintaining and improving the earned position of trust requires genuine involvement and engagement, face-to-face interaction and open dialogue with the local stakeholders.

According to a survey conducted in December 2017, a total of 75.0 percent of Pyhäjoki residents support the Hanhikivi 1 project (2016: 67.4%).

The support for the project also strengthened in the entire study area as 71.9 percent of the residents of Pyhäjoki, Kalajoki, Merijärvi, Oulainen and Raahe combined were in favor of the project (2016: 62.0 %).

Fennovoima’s support in Pyhäjoki (12/2017) Norstat Finland Oy.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest for local residents have largely remained unchanged from previous years. According to the survey and discussion with people living in the Pyhäjoki region, the topics of interest regarding Fennovoima are the effects of the project on the lives of the residents, employment opportunities, environmental impacts and safety.

People are also interested in getting information about the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel, the possible location of the final disposal facility, the schedule of the nuclear power plant project and how it will proceed, the profitability and financing of the project, and the involvement of the Russian plant supplier in the project.