Fennovoima – A part of the solution to help Finland reach its emission targets

We commit to emphasize, via public dialog, the significance of clean energy production as a way of combatting climate change, as well as promoting the growth of the cleantech field in Finland.

Finland is committed to decreasing its CO2 emissions to combat climate change. Nuclear power plays a significant part that makes it possible to achieve these emission reduction targets.

Fennovoima is constructing an emission-free nuclear power plant in Finland, which will provide an estimated 10% of the country’s future electricity needs. Hanhikivi 1 will help Finland reach its emission targets and contribute to building an emission-free future.

Objective 1: We will keep climate change on the agenda in public dialog.

Concern about carbon emissions and the climate change is growing among Finns. In a survey commissioned by Finnish Energy, 68% of the respondents mentioned climate change mitigation and emission reduction among the three most important energy policy decisions. When in operation, Fennovoima’s Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant will help address these concerns.

We intend to continue discussing the effects of climate change and effective solutions that can be used to mitigate the change. Climate work means both words and deeds to us.

We are committed to continuous and visible public communication about the impact of, and solutions for, climate change in 2018–2022.

Performance indicator: implemented / not implemented.

Objective 2: We will promote the growth of the cleantech field in Finland.

The Hanhikivi 1 project is a huge investment that will increase the cleantech business in Finland. The growth of cleantech will help in building an emission-free future. As a result of participating in the project, many companies operating in Finland will gain valuable experience and capabilities that will enable them to also participate in other clean energy projects in Finland and abroad.

We are committed to promoting the growth of the cleantech industry in Finland. According to our estimate, the cleantech field will grow in Finland as the result of the construction of Hanhikivi 1 as follows:

  • net sales will increase by €400 million,
  • added value will increase by €120 million, and
  • employment will increase by 1,500 man-years.

Performance indicator: implemented / not implemented.

The realization of the impacts on Cleantech field will be measured using a resource flow method developed by Ramboll, which can verify the development of cleantech companies at the different stages of the project. The definition of the cleantech field is based on the Environmental Goods and Services Sector statistics of Statistics Finland.