Local engagement

The Hanhikivi 1 project has an impact on the living environment and everyday life in Pyhäjoki and in the neighboring municipalities. Hanhikivi 1 project will increase the vitality of the region and the well-being of local residents through, for example, creating new jobs and influencing indirectly the variety of services provided at the area.

Active participation in regional development together with public, private and third-sector improves the area’s capabilities to prepare the region for changes brought about by the project, including the increased number of residents and the volume of services needed.

The construction work also has some negative impacts on the living environment. These include the increased volumes of heavy traffic and temporary turbidity of the seawater, caused by water construction work. Some of these negative impacts cannot be avoided, but we openly communicate about the work in progress and any disturbances that it is expected to cause.

Involved in local development

Several development projects are in progress in Northern Ostrobothnia to meet the needs of the Hanhikivi 1 project and accrue as many positive results from the project as possible through the coordinated and shared efforts of different actors. Our role in these working groups is to convey current information about the project to the regional stakeholders to support their preparatory efforts.

Strong local support for the project

The project has strong support in Pyhäjoki and the surrounding area: 77.4 percent of Pyhäjoki residents support the project. In the entire study area, 74 percent of the residents are positive about the construction of the power plant. The survey was conducted by Norstat Finland in October–November 2021. The results of the survey can be found from here.

Supporting local projects and activities

We support local activities by participating in events and by providing financial support especially for recreational activities for children and young people, and for general interest projects in Pyhäjoki and in the region.

Latest update on March 22, 2022.