Nuclear safety

Nuclear technology and safety culture go hand in hand in ensuring the safety of a nuclear power plant. While confirming the safety by technical design, we also develop of our safety culture in compliance with the shared safety principles established for the project.

Plant safety is ensured in the design phase before construction of the power plant begins. At the moment, a few issues significant for nuclear safety are still open in the plant design. Most important of these relate to plant protection against external and internal hazards, functional safety design, and to locating the plant within the plant site with respect to the fracture zones in the bedrock. The open issues will be thoroughly resolved. We aim to resolve the most important open questions during spring 2019 in accordance with the development program.

Our progress in solving the issues identified in the preliminary safety assessment of STUK (Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland) is discussed in the Responsibility Report 2018.

Continuous development of safety culture

The development of Fennovoima’s safety culture is based on our safety culture pro- gram that leads to safety culture being inherent in all company structures and practices, decision-making and daily work.

Our preparedness for ensuring our own safe- ty culture and that of the supply chain is at an acceptable level at this stage of the project according to the independent study by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. All project participants must, however, take action to develop their safety culture. We will continue the systematic development work throughout the lifetime of the plant.

Research for a thesis was carried out in fall 2018 on the state of the safety culture at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site. A total of 126 people working at the construction site in different companies and positions participated in the study. The most important findings were that cooperation between the companies working at the site needs to be improved, and transparency needs to be improved in decision-making and working methods.