People and competence

Committed and competent personnel is a prerequisite for the success of the Hanhikivi 1 project. Fennovoima’s organization and its competencies must meet the statutory requirements set for each project phase.

Currently, we are developing Fennovoima’s organization to meet the needs of the construction phase. In organizational planning, we are also already preparing for the operating phase of the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant. Our strengths in the global competition for nuclear power professionals are the interesting and challenging work, the opportunity to get involved in developing new nuclear power company operations and grow as a professional in a caring and encouraging work community.

By investing in well-being at work and a good working atmosphere, we support productivity, commitment and motivation. A functioning organizational structure, high-quality management practices and opportunities for professional development, among other similar factors, are key to a flourishing workplace well-being.

Personnel statistics 2021

Employees 398 Women 31%
Helsinki 310 Men 69%
Pyhäjoki 88 Average age of the employees 43
Total personnel, incl. internal consultants  462 Growth of the organization 28
New permanent employees 51 Voluntary turnover rate 5.5%

Fennovoima is a multicultural organization

We value multiculturalism in our international work community. We believe it enriches our competence, way of thinking, and work environment. We do not tolerate discrimination or unfair treatment under any circumstances, and a person’s age, gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion, political views, sexual orientation, disability, or any other equivalent factors do not affect their employment opportunities, their being a part of the work community, or their career advancement at Fennovoima.

Personnel's view of Fennovoima

According to the employer image survey conducted among personnel in the fall of 2021, we have succeeded in making Fennovoima a caring and motivating work community. We also assess wellbeing at work as part of the self-assessment that Fennovoima conducts on its safety culture. 

Fennovoima as a workplace 2021

Workplace atmosphere 3.91 Wage level 3.80
Interesting work tasks 4.11 Meaningfulness of work 4.08

A scale of 5–1, where 4–5 equals excellent, 3.5–3.99 equals good, 3–3.49 equals average, 2.5–2.99 equals poor, and 1-2.5 extremely poor. A total of 230 Fennovoima employees and in-house consultants responded to the survey. 

Learning organization

Fennovoima places special focus on personnel competence and continuous learning. Our flexible and varied training solutions meet the professional development needs of the Hanhikivi 1 project and our employees.
Training courses that are compulsory for all employees range from an extensive induction course to training related to internal procedures, safety and ethical conduct. We also offer many training courses to support employees’ professional competencies. In the recent years, we have developed digital and remote learning solutions for our training. In 2021, the personnel received an average of 33 hours of training. Also, a total of 96% of personnel participated in the personal development discussions in 2021.

Latest update on March 16, 2022.