Organizational development and employment

Committed and competent personnel is a prerequisite for the success of the Hanhikivi 1 project. Fennovoima’s organization and its competencies must meet the statutory requirements set for each project phase.

Currently, we are developing Fennovoima’s organization to meet the needs of the construction phase. In organizational planning, we are also already preparing for the operating phase of the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant. Our strengths in the global competition for nuclear power professionals are the interesting and challenging work, the opportunity to get involved in developing new nuclear power company operations and grow as a professional in a caring and encouraging work community.

By investing in well-being at work and a good working atmosphere, we support productivity, commitment and motivation. A functioning organizational structure, high-quality management practices and opportunities for professional development, among other similar factors, are key to a flourishing workplace well-being.

Personnel statistics




Number of employees




New permanent employees




Voluntary employee turnover rate




Well-being rate Työvire survey (goal 3.2,scale 1-5)


4.59 (Pulse well-being index, scale 1-6)

4.76 and 4.63  (Pulse well-being index, scale 1-6)

Reported incidents of discrimination

No reported incidents

No reported incidents

No reported incidents

Personnel sick leave rate
(goal: below 2.5%)




High-quality leadership

We support supervisors in their daily work and provide them tools to lead their teams in line with the Fennoway cornerstones. The Fennoway cornerstones are matters that have been jointly defined by our personnel and management to support the realization of our safety culture in our organization. We want all Fennovoima employees to represent these matters in their work and attitude towards others.

Our leadership training program, the FennoWay Leadership Program, is targeted at all Fennovoima employees in supervisory positions. The training addresses themes such as communication skills, goal-oriented management and the role of managers at Fennovoima. The FV Leader program is a more advanced training course where the above-mentioned themes are explored more in detail taking into account on the participants’ needs.

Based on a Työyhteisövire survey (work community shape) charting the state of the working community, the quality of leader- ship is at good level at Fennovoima. On a scale of 1–5, the average of leadership quality indicators was 3.7.

Competence development and training

Our comprehensive training program supports continuous learning. Training courses that are compulsory for all employees range from a two-week induction course to training related to nuclear safety guidelines and ethical conduct. We offer many voluntary training courses to sup- port employees’ professional competencies. Also, visits to the Hanhikivi plant site are an important part of getting familiar with the project.

In 2018, the personnel received an average of 50 hours of training.